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The hospital gets emission-free emergency power

The hospital gets emission-free emergency power content

Because machines must be able to run 24/7

As part of its modernization plan, a private clinic wanted to switch to a clean and sustainable energy supply solution in order to avoid having to run its old diesel generators in the event of a power failure - a crucial point when the health of many patients depends on the proper functioning of the machines, but also when all the operational systems are "on the network", and everything must be restarted.

On the occasion of more and more recurring failures, management thus realized that the time it took to start up the emergency systems and restart the operational systems was very long. The implementation of a hydrogen "back-up" with the installation of a GEH2 made it possible, during the test phase, to verify that the presence of the electro-hydrogen generator made it possible to avoid any interruption of service, all the more so since it is impossible to run out of fuel, the GEH2 being equipped with a double supply circuit allowing empty tanks to be replaced without having to switch off the ignition.

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