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STSH2: The on-board solution for zero-emission navigation

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An affordable, simple and constraint-free solution to have hydrogen available at any time and in any place for maritime or land use.

STSH2: The on-board solution for zero-emission navigation content


No regulatory constraints
Mobile, for maritime and land use
No carbon footprint
"Plug & Play" solution

Optimized logistics

Low H2 production cost

Revenues for the city or port

“The STSH2 station is the intelligent solution to accelerate the deployment of hydrogen infrastructures for end-users along the coast and in ports. They can support both land-based needs and local use for daily refueling in the maritime sector.”

Jeremie Lagarrigue, EODev CEO


Electric propulsion 2 x 50kW
Sustainable materials
Production of 129 to 250 kg H2 / day
Capacity from 90 to 250 Kg of H2 storage
1 or 2 dispensers 400 bars
380AC three-phase outlets
Consumption from 100 kW to 500 kW
Consumption of 2 to 4 cbm of water


Commercial ports
Mooring Areas
River areas
Heavy vehicles
Utility vehicles
Private cars
Maritime & river (sailing, yachting, professional boats)