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About us

EODev (Energy Observer Developments) is the result of the unique experience acquired on board Energy Observer: the first clean energy self-sufficient hydrogen vessel, developing innovative solutions for the environment. Created in March 2019, The company's mission is to accelerate the energy transition by offering sustainable, reliable, efficient, and affordable industrial solutions.

Energy Observer - Spitzberg

01. Our Vision

Accelerating the energy transition

Industrial players, local authorities, and public institutions are multiplying initiatives to develop the renewable/green hydrogen market in order to work concretely for the energy transition and virtuous growth. One of the main challenges is to produce clean hydrogen at an affordable cost ((less than €10/kg), but also to offer technological solutions, both for use and supply, that are economically coherent.

To reach these objectives, it is not only essential to convert the most fossil fuel-consuming sectors, such as mobility and industry, to green hydrogen, but also to provide them with innovative and smart options facilitating their transition to carbon-free solutions. Finding technologies to tackle these challenges and marketing them are EODev's mission. We offer solutions to accelerate the energy transition through cost-competitive deployment for both industrial and consumer uses.

02. Our Mission

Developing sustainable energy solutions

We have always been convinced that true progress is the one respecting the world we live in, and that our eco-friendly solutions should benefit to the greatest number.

Since innovation only takes on its full meaning if it is spread, and since the most extraordinary inventions are only of interest if they are shared, EODev relies on its own technological advances and those of its partners to design, develop, and produce accessible, high-performance solutions meeting the major challenges of the 21st century.

03. Our Values

Innovating and Sharing


Design, manufacture and use eco-friendly products and solutions designed to drastically reduce all types of polluting emissions, from greenhouse gases and fine particles to noise pollution.


Developing products and services for a more sustainable world.


Creating the conditions for widespread access to clean technologies.

04. Our Team

A Multidisciplinary Team

Both engineers and competitors, Eodev's team comes from racing and industry. This clever mix of curiosity and experimentation, the willingness to perform is what is needed for the success of innovative projects and when you do not cheat with the environment.

Administrative and financial team

  • Jérémie Lagarrigue


  • Sang Luc

    Financial Director

  • Alexandre de Rodellec

    Corporate Finance Director

Sales, marketing & after sales team

  • Stéphane Jardin

    Chief Commercial Officer

  • Thibault Tallieu

    Marketing & Communication Director

  • Frédéric Ferrero

    Maritime Business Developer

  • Steven DeSantis

    VP Business Development

  • Fernando Szabados

    Regional Manager

  • François Cornet

    Business Developer

  • Mélanie Fiore

    Communication Manager

  • Gilles Payet

    After Sales & Deliveries Director

  • Joselina Héroult

    Sales Administration France & Export

R&D and industry team

  • Boris Landenwetsch

    R&D Director

  • Yann Darmaillac

    Technical Director

  • Benjamin Savarit

    Industrial Director

  • Hugo Devedeux

    Systems Engineer

  • Balthazar Deguine

    Project Manager System Engineer

  • Bastien Bornand

    Energy Designer

  • Nicolas Costa

    GEH2 Test Engineer

  • Paul Bénard

    Mechanical Engineer

  • Pierre Blain

    Manufacturing & Purchasing

  • Benjamin Hureau

    Testing, validation, certification REXH2

  • François Joubert

    Mechanical Engineer

05. Our Story

From Experimentation to Industrialization


Initiated in 2013 and implemented in 2017, Energy Observer is a floating laboratory focusing on renewable energies, led by Victorien Erussard, founder and captain.


Launch of Energy Observer, the first energy self-sufficient vessel, with zero emissions, zero fine particles, and zero noise, producing its own hydrogen on-board from seawater using renewable energies.


After five years of design and tests in real conditions of innovative hydrogen technologies, Energy Observer launches the operational activities of EODev thanks to the unfailing support of its historical partners, to finally move from demonstration to concrete solutions.



Installation of the REXH2 on board Energy Observer for its first transatlantic race. This one is a success, so much so that Energy Observer will have to stay at sea two days longer than planned, the crew not being allowed to disembark until the quarantine linked to the sanitary restrictions due to the pandemic is over!


Presentation of the pre-production of the industrial version of the GEH2.

Finalization of the first round of financing to launch the industrialization of the production of GEH2 and REXH2. The Monnoyeur group joins the historical shareholders and partners of the Energy Observer group to launch the new phase.


Signature of a strategic partnership with the Monnoyeur Group, through its subsidiary Eneria, for the industrialization of the GEH2 at the Montlhéry site near Paris.

Presentation of the first production boat equipped with a REXH2 at the Monaco Yacht Club on September 23, 2020. The Cannes and Monaco yachting shows having been postponed due to Covid, the "afloat" launch is postponed to spring 2021.

Signature with Eneria of a distribution and maintenance agreement for GEH2 and REXH2 in mainland France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania and Algeria.

EODev acquires a stake in EVE System, a French specialist in the design and integration of embedded intelligence and battery systems.



As a strategic industrial partner, Toyota Motor Europe takes a stake in EODev to promote hydrogen solutions.

EODev powers a 3-minute light and music show up the Eiffel Tower with its demo version of the GEH2, while Energy Observer opens a new exhibition village on the Champ de Mars nearby.


EODev launches the industrialization of its GEH2 and REXH2 with its initial production line set up in Monthléry, France. Our initial clients receive the first units of the GEH2 v2.

The first pleasure boat equipped with the REXH2, The New Era from Hynova Yachts, demonstrates the reality of our technological advances at the Cannes and Monaco Yacht shows.


Spring & Summer

EODev's second generation 70kW REXH2 receives AiP (Approval in Principle) from Bureau Veritas.

The international development of EODev gets kickstarted with the presence of the GEH2 at Middle East Energy in Dubai and the signature of distribution agreements in key overseas North American and Australian markets.

In parallel, the number of testing / demonstration applications in Europe multiplies, with the growing presence of the GEH2 to supply low carbon electricity on construction sites, for large scale events, to recharge electric vehicles and for the film industry.

Fall & Winter

EODev's production facility now assembles one GEH2 unit a day.

Blue Game (San Lorenzo group) chooses the REXH2 to power its 2024 America's Cup chase boat.

Additional distribution agreements expand EODev's reach towards the UK, Northern Europe and the Middle East.

EODev announces the launch of its new range of high power GEH2s and REXH2s that will be commercialized from the first half of 2023 and available from 2024.

06. Our Shareholders

07. Our partners

08. Our networks