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GEH2: The zero-emission hydrogen power generator

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In case of grid failure, or simply when the grid does not exist, the GEH2® electro-hydrogen generator brings you the energy you need, without CO2 emissions or fine particles. With the GEH2 and its record-breaking energy density, you benefit from instant power of 110kVA in an optimized volume.

GEH2: The zero-emission hydrogen power generator content

A mass of energy

With a footprint of less than four square meters and an optimized mass, the GEH2 is equipped with the latest generation of fuel cells from our partner Toyota, giving it exceptional durability and reliability. It is today, in relation to the power delivered, the most compact and efficient electro-hydrogen generator on the market.

Always listening to your needs, EODev's teams have carried out numerous developments over the last few years in order to be able to mount the GEH2 in series and reach powers up to MVAs.

The ally of the energy transition

No more noise and black fumes forcing you to wear earphones and anti-pollution mask. The GEH2 does not emit CO2, HC, NOx or other fine particles. Only hot water and filtered air.

As we know, the energy transition will not happen overnight. That's why the GEH2 is also capable of connecting with diesel or gas generators, and even the grid. It is this flexibility in its implementation that makes the GEH2 the ideal partner for the supply of autonomous decarbonated energy.

A smart and connected power generator

Thanks to its on-board intelligence, the GEH2 informs you if the hydrogen level is low or if a maintenance operation is required. If you wish, it can even warn our technicians directly. Its 4G connection allows continuous online monitoring of your GEH2 fleet via the cloud (location, usage profile, hydrogen reserve status, etc.).

To offer you greater flexibility in your work, a remote interface complements the unit's control screen. This means that control and data acquisition are always at your fingertips.

Made in France

The GEH2 is produced in Montlhéry (91) on the site of our industrial partner Eneria, subsidiary of the Monnoyeur Group.

The materials used for its manufacture have been carefully studied by EODev's design and engineering teams in order to reduce its footprint as much as possible over its entire life cycle.

The GEH2 in a few figures

Dimensions - 3300 x 1100 x 2252 mm

Mass - 3.3 tons

Power - 110 kVA / 88 kW in ESP, 100 kVA / 80 kW in PRP

Output voltage - 400 VAC / 480 VAC

Frequency output - 50 Hz - 60 Hz

Protection index - IP43

One power generator, multiple applications

Isolated sites (life bases, shelters, islands, telecom relays)

Sensitive or confined environments (tunnels, mines, closed spaces)

Protected and regulated areas (zero emission zone)

Construction sites (off-grid or downtown)

Events (concerts and temporary or sporting events)

Emergency generators (data centers, hospitals, airports, ports, banks)

Port areas (dockside electrification)


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