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Energy supply during a grid maintenance operation

Energy supply during a grid maintenance operation content

The innovative technology of the GEH2 is applicable in various settings, as EODev seized the opportunity of the temporary and green energy needs in different applications to develop its core range of products to address Prime Power, Standby Power, or Continuous Power needs.

The GEH2® can be used to power isolated sites, such as refuges in the mountains or islands, and for off-grid applications such as construction sites.

For instance, Enedis (France's largest distributor of electricity) benefited from the clean and sustainable energy of the GEH2 in the Alps mountains in February 2022. The Enedis team used the GEH2 to power villages when doing maintenance and repair work on the grid, an experimentation that was seamless for the end users in their homes as cables were disconnected from the grid and the GEH2 connected instead. 30 houses were thus supplied with green electricity thanks to the GEH2 in the French Alpes for 10 days.

ENEDIS then requested the genset for an extra 6-month period. The aim for ENEDIS is to integrate the GEH2 into their referenced approved product line for new constructions that require a zero-emission backup solution, but also for large public events and roadworks.

Last but not least, the GEH2 is appropriate for emergency applications. In case of grid failure, this clean and sustainable energy supply solution will be used for power back-up in hospitals, airports, ports or data centres, where operating systems should always be operational as the consequences of power disruption can be dramatic. The GEH2 can also be deployed to provide energy in sensitive or confined environments, addressing the difficulties to have access to energy during mining work or when digging tunnels.

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