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Hydrogen bivouacking in the desert

Hydrogen bivouacking in the desert content

For all sorts of events, the technology of the GEH2 supplies eco-responsible energy, providing business opportunities to a large range of customers in the event industry to power anything from outdoor concerts and sports gatherings without any sort of pollution.

In addition, certain geographical areas come under strict regulations regarding the emission of pollutants and the impact on biodiversity. The technology developed by EODev allows to provide the energy that is needed without CO2 or fine particle emissions. Thus, this innovative solution can be used in protected and regulated areas.

Between the sand and the heat, the desert is probably one of the most hostile off-grid areas.

A GEH2 from EODev was recently used in replacement of a 50 kVA Caterpillar genset to power the mobile bivouac of an event in the middle of the desert, proving its high reliability and ability to operate in the harshest conditions.

As a result of the desert experimentation, 1.23 MWh were produced over 2 weeks, and 1.24 tons of CO2 saved, thus allowing to respect this preserved environment.

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