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Installation of a GEH2 for a "low carbon" datacenter

Installation of a GEH2 for a "low carbon" datacenter content

To reduce the environmental impact of digital activities

The digital revolution, accelerated by the rise of the Internet, the constant increase in the capacities of computers and the network, and the storage of data in the dematerialized Cloud, have led to the increase in the construction of industrial buildings intended to accommodate ever-increasing quantities of computer servers. However, the latter need a lot of energy to function; but also to be cooled and not to risk overheating. Finally, they also need to be in continuous service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and cannot depend on a network outage.

It is in this context that EODev has developed a specific "datacenter" implementation program for its GEH2, adapted to the different sizes, and needs, of these datacenters. The first "test" installation is in progress, with two GEH2s for a continuous and "emergency" supply in addition to the connection to the usual electrical network.

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