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Powering a mobile film shooting stage

Powering a mobile film shooting stage content

The GEH2 is an off-grid solution that offers obvious environmental benefits as it does not emit any pollutants into the atmosphere and is much quieter than any other conventional generator. It can thus be used in various scenarios, depending on the needs of the customers, to provide low carbon electricity to support existing power supply limitations from the grid. Easily handled by crane or forklift, the GEH2 offers a user-friendly touch interface and a remote-control option. Connect it to a hydrogen bundle, turn it on, power your application. It is that simple.

It is with such ease of use in mind that Netflix and TSF, a major player in the supply of technical means for filming and production, called upon EODev and its partner Eneria to supply zero-emission electricity to one of the filming locations of a Netflix TV series. On the night of March 11, 2022, an electro-hydrogen generator GEH2 powered a luminous balloon to ensure the smooth running of an outdoor shooting scene near Fontainebleau.

EODev's GEH2 was installed on a truck and bundled with hydrogen racks, that were separated from the power generator area so as to create the very first complete GEH2 and storage mobile device — usually both storage devices and the GEH2 are stationary. This smart solution allowed the truck to be moved to the locations required for filming in the parks. Running continuously for most of the night, the GEH2 fulfilled its role to perfection and has raised strong interest from the movie industry, thanks to its many obvious benefits, from zero pollution to silence.

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