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Zero emission roadworks in the center of Paris

Zero emission roadworks in the center of Paris content

The construction sector has always been a major energy consumer, but the trend is accelerating with the increasing electrification of construction sites and the development of electric building machinery.

The hydrogen-powered GEH2 supplies electricity without emissions of any fine particles and Green House Gases such as CO2 in the atmosphere. It is also almost silent and only rejects water and heat as by-products that can be reused for other purposes. As such, it is of strong interest to construction companies, especially when works are undertaken in residential areas.

For example, the European leader in rental equipment LOXAM has now deployed zero-emission worksites in the heart of Paris for its client Vinci Constructions, using EODev's GEH2 to make such construction works as low carbon, and silent, as possible. During the first test trial undertaken in the fall of 2021, Vinci Constructions powered the entire site, located in the heart of Paris, with LOXAM's GEH2 developed by EODev. Brining electricity to the living area and recharging an electric excavator, EODev's GEH2 managed to save 156 kg of CO2 over 3 days and the neighborhood experienced the silence of our power generator. The experience, which is being repeated in other locations for other Vinci Constructions works, was a resounding success.

“The solution we are proposing today can be very well adapted to all types of uses where the reduction of environmental pollution is absolutely key.”

Cédric Conrad, Loxam CSR Manager

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