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Australian company Blue Diamond goes hydrogen with EODev

In its continuous search for new low carbon impact solutions, Australian company Blue Diamond Machinery, an independent distributor of energy and industrial equipment, expands its range of zero-emission products with its first acquisition of three EODev hydrogen power generators. In a favorable government context for green hydrogen development and the nation's commitment to net-zero by 2050, this partnership fits perfectly with the dynamics of a market in full energy transition.

The Australian market intensifies its efforts to achieve netzero

The world's largest coal exporter, Australia also holds the record for the fastest energy transition in the world, through the massive implementation of renewable energy sources. The government has thus placed hydrogen at the heart of its national energy strategy and is investing 1.2 billion Australian dollars to accelerate its deployment on a large scale.

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) is supporting the growth of the industry with its A$300 million Advancing Hydrogen Fund, while local ecosystems are being created with substantial funding for project developers. With abundant natural resources to produce carbon-free hydrogen at a competitive price, it is not surprising that the country of kangaroos aims to become one of the leaders in the sector by 2030.

If many companies are participating in this virtuous development on the territory, Blue Diamond aims to take a leading role. Committed to an environmental approach thanks to a series of quality partnerships, the Australian company will distribute and maintain EODev's GEH2s, with a focus on construction sites, the mining industry and major sporting and cultural events.

Justin Pitts - Director, Blue Diamond Machinery "When we were introduced to the GEH2®, we knew how unique it was and how well suited it was to our customers in Australia. While there are many solutions for high power, there aren't many for the construction market or for certain mining sites, which require smaller, mobile and quick to deploy equipment. The first discussions we have had with mining and construction companies about this new power generator have really shown how strong the demand is for this type of product."

Stéphane Jardin - Chief Commercial Officer, EODev "We are delighted to be able to export our products to Australia thanks to Blue Diamond Machinery. Finding the right partner to embrace change in an already complex market is always a challenge, but we know that all the skills are there to make it happen. We look forward to serving our first customers in the country".

As a substitute for diesel generators, EODev's electro-hydrogen power generators will produce electricity without emissions or pollution, in an effort to answer the country's new energy needs with clean solutions.