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Celebrating a centenary: when EODev delivers its 100th GEH2®!

At the end of July 2023, barely four years after the creation of the company, the EODev teams met at the GEH2® production site in Montlhéry, for a highly anticipated event to welcome the 100th unit of the land-based electro-hydrogen generator at the cutting edge of decarbonization – and the replacement of diesel generators – off the assembly line.

A young company for a centenary

Celebrated as it should be by a large part of our now 80 employees, the release of this GEH2® marked a milestone in the first commercial successes of our young company.

As Jérémie Lagarrigue, EODev's Managing Director, mentioned it on this special day, the assembly of this 100th unit is "not only the success of a team, but also the demonstration that there is a real need for decarbonization on the market. It is a real pride to know that the 100 GEH2® built and delivered to date save up to 50,000 tonnes of CO2 per year."

However, this event is only a step towards new challenges to be faced, or even a drop of water in the ocean of what remains to be accomplished. To accelerate the energy transition and aim for a total elimination of CO2 emissions from human activities to no longer impact the environment, the road still remains long, but the solutions proposed by EODev bring hope.

For the record, EODev's objective over the next 10 years remains to be able to contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions by 30 million tonnes - or 3 million tonnes per year. Figures that make you dizzy, but which are nothing compared to the market for polluting thermal engine generators destined, unfortunately, to grow at a breakneck pace to go from 20 billion US dollars in 2023 to 30 billion in 2032 - according to Market Research Future! Talk about drops of water... We could also refer to David against Goliath; with the difference that, in our case, Goliath is more in a collaborative approach with David, and that we can count on the giants like Generac or United Rentals in the USA to order GEH2® and convince their customers to make the shift to clean solutions.

The reference to Generac is not innocent in more than one way: if, in France, many generator rental companies, from LOXAM to Kiloutou Cap Générateur or BEB, have understood the need to offer our products to customers who increasingly ask for virtuous solutions, taking action is still limited for many industrialists, despite the support they can benefit from, such as in the Île-de-France for example.

International ambitions

This 100th GEH2® is therefore an important marker of the company's international development: while EODev's presence is asserting itself in numerous markets with the signing of distribution contracts throughout the world, the next steps will revolve around the establishment of production lines in different regions; starting with the southernmost ones, in order to favor short industrial circuits, and to reduce as much as possible the carbon footprint of the entire life cycle of the GEH2®.

Finally, this step also signals the handover between our former Founding President Victorien Erussard and our new President Thierry Best, who arrived in July, and one of whose missions is to put in place the necessary ingredients for the expected, and ecologically necessary, exponential growth of the company.

In the meantime, if need be, do not hesitate to browse our site to discover our GEH2®, associated technologies and the many applications for which its use makes full sense. You can also follow us on social networks, where the events and trade fairs in which the GEH2® takes part are regularly highlighted.