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Enedis experiments with the GEH2 during reliability works

Within the framework of a "Zero Emission Generator" project initiated by Enedis Alpes last February, EODev's GEH2 was tested for the electrification of a network reliability project in the commune of Le Passage, in Isère.

A project carried out by the teams of Enedis, EODev and its industrial partner ENERIA; bringing together at the site of the intervention: Chris MEREL, Isère territorial director of Enedis, Anthony VERNIZEAU, commercial director of EODev and Laurent ORVOEN, head of commercial development and innovations of Eneria.

An adapted solution to the challenges of Low Emission Zones

From February to June 2022, tests were carried out in order to validate the technical and economic performance of the GEH2 hydrogen generator in different site configurations: maintenance operations, modernization work, and securing the electricity network in the Alps.

Vincent BASLÉ, Director of Enedis in the Alps: "Our commitment to carbon neutrality, combined with the expectations of local authorities, is at the heart of this experimentation, which is essential to ensure the power supply of our customers, particularly in the event of climatic hazards or work on the public distribution network"

This "test" phase, which marked the end of five months of experimentation, enabled the Enedis Alpes teams to reinforce the electricity network in the commune of Le Passage, in Isère, by burying part of an overhead line and replacing the transformer station associated with this electrical span as well as the medium-voltage support (20,000 volts). The objective was to ensure continuity of service and maintain the power supply to the 16 customers connected to the transformer station while minimizing the environmental impact.

Operating on hydrogen and equipped with the latest generation of fuel cells, the GEH2 has the advantage of considerably reducing fine particle emissions and decibels compared to conventional diesel generators used during maintenance operations (network modernization work, pruning, etc.).

Anthony VERNIZEAU, EODev's sales Manager, emphasizes: "The GEH2 EODev is an ideal solution, clean and silent, with multiple applications, whether for backup or network support, but also for temporary electrification for maintenance operations, worksites or events. Easy and practical, it has proved its efficiency and reliability to Enedis teams, and we can only hope to see more of them replacing diesel generators in the near future.

Designed with a small footprint, it can be moved from site to site and can be connected directly to the public electricity grid with a power rating of up to 100 KVA. It is also equipped with an onboard intelligence system to ensure optimum performance at all times.

In order to ensure the best quality of electricity supply in Europe, Enedis is constantly innovating to meet the challenges of the ecological transition in the regions. By experimenting with alternative solutions to diesel generators, Enedis is contributing to the development of low-carbon electricity supply systems and is fully in line with the ambition of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region: to reduce the ecological footprint of the region.

Laurent ORVOËN, Eneria's Development and Innovation Sales Manager, said: "Eneria is Enedis' partner supplier for the maintenance of its mobile energy production equipment and supports its client in its search for alternative solutions. The GEH2 electro-hydrogen unit is a new brick in the energy mix needed for the energy transition."