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EODev's GEH2 to support telecom networks

During temporary sporting or cultural events, which bring together many customers in the same place, mobile telephone networks are heavily used and can sometimes saturate. These disturbances are reflected in particular by difficulties in making and receiving calls, loading websites, sending or receiving photos and videos or broadcasting the event live.

5G trucks to complement existing coverage

To remedy this situation and in order to absorb all the voice and internet traffic generated on site, the Bouygues Telecom network teams invented the BTruck: an innovative and flexible solution to cover these areas which are temporarily very busy. These are trucks equipped with an antenna that can swing outside, on the roof, and deploy up to a height of almost 20 meters. Once in place, the antenna complements the coverage already available on site.

Once at the event location, if the power supply is not possible, the 5G BTrucks can be powered by a hydrogen solution. This innovation, developed by Bouygues Energies et Services and EODev, not only reduces CO2 emissions by 80% but also reduces the sound level (-15 dB) compared to a standard diesel power generator. This solution is implemented on the Btruck 5G set up at the Longchamp racecourse for the concerts scheduled for this summer. It results in substantial savings of carbon emissions compared to a conventional genset: nearly 11 tonnes of CO2 emissions will be avoided over a period of 6 weeks, i.e. the equivalent of 87,000 km traveled by plane!