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GENPOWER will distribute EODev's GEH2® in the Netherlands

(left to right) Johan Deen, Marcel Kwakkel, Stéphane Jardin & Fernando Szabados in front of GENPOWER's new GEH2

The new agreement between EODev and GENPOWER B.V, which will distribute GEH2® electro-hydrogen units in the Netherlands, highlights the growth in the adoption of our autonomous solutions for the supply of low-carbon electricity in a growing number of regions and countries. A leader in the sale and rental of power generators in Holland, GENPOWER B.V demonstrates through this agreement its desire to invest in more virtuous and sustainable solutions: the company is not only expanding its offer but also diversifying its range in favor of a zero-emissions solution, while meeting the growing needs of its customers for cleaner energy.

A wide range of applications and clients

With presence in a wide variety of business sectors such as construction, events, industry, telecoms, IT systems or even maritime transport for more than 30 years, GENPOWER B.V has paved the way for the use of GEH2® for numerous applications in the Netherlands. Marcel Kwakkel, Commercial Director at GENPOWER B.V, welcomed this new partnership: « With the addition of EODev solutions to our product range, we are able to provide a truly zero emissions solution. This will allow companies to continue to work in places with no or insufficient grid connection, or where regulations prevent CO2 and NOx emissions, » further explaining, « GENPOWER has invested and will continue to invest in sustainable energy solutions, as well as in strategic partnerships. Close collaboration with key value chain players is essential to accelerate the energy transition. Our partnership with EODev is a very important step to bring sustainable and zero emissions solutions to the Netherlands. Obviously, we are all aware of the challenge of reducing NOx emissions in particular, to allow the execution and continuation of future construction works. »


Customer service as a priority

Stéphane Jardin, EODev's Commercial Director, also welcomed the conclusion of this non-exclusive distribution agreement for the GEH2®: « GENPOWER B.V is a partner who attaches paramount importance to the quality of customer service, in addition to their deep desire to shift to low carbon solutions. If our ambition is to decarbonize the energy produced by power generators, the transition to these new technologies can only be made by being supported by the best level of service. We are impressed by the professionalism of the GENPOWER B.V teams and are delighted to be able to have them as partners to deploy our solutions in the Netherlands. »

EODev's GEH2® electro-hydrogen units provide companies with the energy they need, without the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrocarbons (HC), nitrogen oxides (NOx ) or other harmful particles. With a small footprint, approximately 1.1m by 3.3m, these power generators provide instantaneous power up to 110 kVA (88 kW). They are equipped with the latest hydrogen fuel cell technology and offer exceptional life span and reliability. In addition to sustainability benefits, they also run quieter than traditional diesel gensets.

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