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Landport to distribute EODev's GEH2 in the Netherlands

Landport, a subsidiary of the Louwman Group and the importer of Toyota automotive solutions in the Netherlands, signed an agreement last week to distribute EODev's GEH2® hydrogen power generator to the Dutch market. This partnership with Landport complements the distribution contract already in place with Genpower.

On this occasion, Marc van der Leij, Managing Director of Landport - Louwman Group, welcomed the agreement with a clear vision of what's coming: "We see that the Netherlands is increasingly struggling with grid congestion and a growing demand for charging points and charging stations as only zero-emission vans will be allowed in many municipalities from 2025. We welcome EODev's GEH2® because, when faced with such practical challenges, this power generator can provide a solution for a variety of organisations."

Jérémie Lagarrigue, EODev's CEO, took the opportunity, the day after the end of COP28 in Dubai, to deliver a strong and positive message to the media and Toyota / Landport teams. Here are some excerpts from this speech:

"Yesterday was a historical day. For the first time, at COP28, all countries without exception admitted the need to "transition away" from fossil fuels and reach Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050. All fossil fuels were included in the final report, and highlights included the use of low-carbon hydrogen as an alternative of choice.

As a reminder, today the global power generator market is estimated to reach USD 40 Billion annually in 2023. And it will be close to double that figure by 2032, due to the power needs of many developing countries that cannot rely on a suitable grid network. Today still, close to 1 billion people on the planet do not have access to network electricity. These figures reveal the daunting mission in front of us.

The Netherlands, a country that fully understands the impact of climate change and its potential direct and dire consequences onto its own landscape, have always been forward thinking and undoubtedly lead the way in Europe, when it comes to clean energy, zero-emission solutions.

For the past 4 years we have worked hard to develop alternative solutions to polluting diesel gensets and make our GEH2® available to the market in the most reliable, efficient and affordable manner as possible through their industrialization. To reach these objectives, we have been able to count on TOYOTA from Day One. Not only as a supplier of the most reliable and best in-class Fuel Cell to integrate into our GEH2® - and REXH2® for marine applications - but also as a shareholder and strong supporter of our initiatives and development.

Having Landport join the EODev family today therefore makes us very proud and reinforces our confidence that we are on the right track, in a country with very strong business opportunities. This partnership will perfectly complement the distribution channel already in place in the Netherlands with Genpower and allow us to accelerate the deployment of our solutions in a promising market, with exciting developments to come for faster, high-power EV charging too."

With this further rollout of fuel cell technology, TOYOTA aims to further strengthen the challenges of the energy transition, and Toyota Netherlands/Landport will be mainly focusing on stationary applications related to the automotive and mobility market. There are also many companies that want to charge electric vehicles, but the necessary grid connection is not always available. Here, too, EODev's hydrogen power generator proves an efficient solution, whether in combination with battery storage or not.

For more about the GEH2®, see our information page here, and to understand the range of possible uses, check our applications section here.