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Launch of the Fountaine Pajot Samana 59 Smart Electric x REXH2

Samana 59 - REXH2

For three days, from April 6th to 8th, a large audience of journalists, officials and collaborators gathered around the EODev and Fountaine Pajot teams to inaugurate the very first hydrogen-powered pleasure catamaran in the world, the Samana 59 Smart Electric x REXH2®, announced just two years ago.

A sailing catamaran with electric motors, this very first unit of the Samana 59 Smart Electric x REXH2®, which includes an electric and hydrogen system, was presented in the port of La Rochelle in front of a large audience, who came to discover the zero emission navigation solutions available now! With its photovoltaic - battery - hydrogen hybridization for the supply of electricity, the Samana 59 Smart Electric x REXH2® is the first pleasure catamaran to carry hydrogen on board. Used mainly for hotel load and short range propulsion (at anchor, entering/leaving port, etc.), EODev's REXH2® is the first marinized power generator to be integrated into a production boat thanks to this collaboration with Fountaine Pajot.

A new era for boating

In order to reduce its carbon impact, the Samana 59 Smart Electric x REXH2® features a virtuous energy architecture made up of a REXH2® that can supply up to 70 kW of continuous power, a battery made up of a LiFePO4-EVEPOWER cell (Lithium-Iron Phosphate) of 63kWh integrated by Alternatives Energies, and 42sqm of “Slim” type solar panels with a power of 6145 Wc. With its 15 kg of hydrogen at 350 bars contained in two tanks, the Samana 59 Smart Electric will be able to benefit from nearly 250 kWh of electricity produced by the fuel cell, allowing electro-hydrogen autonomy at anchor for 40 hours (about a week), or 10 hours under motor navigation, at an average speed of 5 knots. EODev's REXH2® was installed in the starboard float to replace a diesel genset, above one of the two electric motors, when the hydrogen tanks are located below the main deck.

During the inauguration of the Samana 59 Smart Electric x REXH2®, Mathieu FOUNTAINE, Deputy Managing Director, and Romain MOTTEAU, Managing Director, reaffirmed the group's ambition: "The Samana 59 Smart Electric REXH2® is more than a vision. It is a prototype that today shows the group's ability to be very innovative and to imagine the long-term transition that we want, as part of our Odyssea 2024 strategic plan, and gives substance to our ambition to reach carbon neutrality by 2030, whether for the production of boats or their use."

The Fountaine Pajot village with EODev

A village of partners to raise awareness about eco-navigation

The inauguration of the Samana 59 was also an opportunity to raise awareness among the public in attendance of the challenges of sustainable development, the preservation of the oceans and the decarbonization of the maritime industry. To do this, an ephemeral village bringing together all Fountaine Pajot partners was installed within the Espace Encan.

Visitors were able to discover and understand the technological developments implemented in the Samana 59, as well as the initiatives supported by Fountaine Pajot, such as the action of WWF France for the preservation of Posidonia fields, among others. EODev also took this opportunity to demonstrate once again the use of its land-based GEH2®electro-hydrogen power generator, which supplied the entire village with low-carbon electricity throughout the three days of the event, during which visitors could also sit behind the wheel of the Toyota Mirai - which runs on hydrogen of course.

Finally, through a program of conferences, the event also made it possible to highlight the progress made since the launch of the Energy Observer adventure, 10 years ago, with the intervention of Louis-Noël VIVES, its Managing Director. The opportunity to highlight that, since the departure around the world of its catamaran converted into a laboratory for energy autonomy at sea which paved the way in 2017, the decarbonization of the maritime industry is underway.

Jérémie LAGARRIGUE, Managing Director of EODev, valued the initiative and the scope of these three days: "We are delighted that a French shipyard has decided to take the plunge. Having confidence in our solutions is one thing, convincing people that they are accessible and relevant to the yachting industry is another, as many continue to rely on diesel generators because they are simple and cheaper. It is thanks to collaborations such as the one with Fountaine Pajot that we will be able to accelerate the energy transition of the maritime sector, which is urgent."

Highlights from this beautiful event in video accessible below.

The complete press file is available for download HERE.