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LOXAM takes delivery of its first Hydrogen Power Generator GEH2

A leader in rental equipment in France and Europe, LOXAM takes possession of its first red and white GEH2 hydrogen power generator, adorned with the colors of LOXAM POWER. A pioneer in this type of alternative in the construction sector, LOXAM POWER is now able to offer its customers a sustainable and silent solution for the production of electricity, directly on construction sites or for any type of event; in the meantime, EODev is scaling up its production line.

On Tuesday, January 11th, 2022, Gérard Déprez, President of LOXAM, received the keys of his first GEH2 from Jérémie Lagarrigue, CEO of EODev, on the production site of the power generator at Eneria's in Monthléry.

The GEH2® spearheads LOXAM's "Low Emissions" strategy

Eager to offer equipment that respects the environment and the health of users, and already committed to this approach with its LoxGreen range, LOXAM has chosen EODev's GEH2 for the supply of temporary, silent, and non-polluting electricity.

Gérard Déprez, Chairman and CEO of LOXAM, valued this choice during the handover ceremony held at the GEH2 assembly site: "This delivery symbolizes both innovation and our decarbonization objective. We are strongly committed to this environmental approach, which is an integral part of our R&D strategy to provide clean solutions to our customers, who themselves want to reduce their carbon footprint. This first electro-hydrogen unit we invested in is part of our continuous improvement approach using hydrogen-powered equipment".

This is not LOXAM's first attempt, as the company had the opportunity to test the efficiency and reliability of the GEH2 power generator on several occasions. Its benefits for the construction sector convinced the equipment rental group of the relevance of investing in the acquisition of this zero-emission solution, a sustainable alternative to the use of polluting diesel generators, and to rent it to its customers. This first GEH2 managed by the group's Power division will be used on construction sites or for any type of off-grid event.

dric Conrad, LOXAM CSR Director, was particularly proud of this achievement: « This delivery is above all a co-construction process with suppliers like EODev but also with our customers. The GEH2 has already been tested and received a lot of positive feedback from our customers, both in terms of the energy transition for its reduction of CO2 emissions, but also for its comfort of use on-site. Such feedback has allowed us to make the improvements to meet the needs of a maximum number of users on construction sites, events, and in the industrial sector. »

Jérémie Lagarrigue, EODev’s Managing Director, intended to hand over the keys himself, with a few words to underline this symbolic moment: "This January 11th, 2022, the date of delivery of our first GEH2 to our first customer, the LOXAM group, which is one of those who act in favor of the decarbonization of construction sites and major events, is a very important milestone in the history of our company. We are very happy that they have chosen to trust EODev and I would like to thank and congratulate all the teams who worked on this project. This is just the beginning, we will continue to accelerate the clean energy transition together."

Large-scale production is in progress

The GEH2, a solution developed by EODev in collaboration with EVE System and assembled in France at its industrial partner Eneria, a subsidiary of the Monnoyeur Group, is transforming a sector initially dominated by noisy and polluting diesel or gas power generators. Thanks to its fuel cell coupled with a 44kWh buffer battery which makes it possible to manage peak shaving, this 100kVA power generator runs exclusively on hydrogen and produces electricity as close as possible to onsite needs, without CO2 emissions or fine particles, and without waste. The energy supply comes from 200-bar compressed hydrogen tanks mounted on frames placed near the power generator that feed it continuously; it is even possible to change the "racks" without interrupting the operation of the GEH2, thanks to its double adduction system. In addition, an important point in an activity that is already known to be extremely noisy, the low noise emissions of the GEH2 are highly appreciated by local residents and operators.

This first "production series" delivery, which took place at the very beginning of 2022, is a strong signal sent to all industrial players: with the possibility of assembling up to 200 GEH2 per year in its first industrialization phase, and up to 600 units, EODev continues to set its path. The reliable, sustainable, and affordable zero-emission genset, standardized and approved by compliance organizations, is available now. All that's left to do is to place an order!

Philippe Rivoallan, Eneria’s Vice President, gave us the last words of this memorable day: "This first delivery is totally in line with the group's strategy. As an energy supplier, we offer low-carbon solutions and help reduce the energy impact of our customers' activities. Beyond the industrial partnership with EODev for the production of the GEH2, we offer quality service throughout the life of these solutions, so that users in all the territories we have presence in are given the best possible efficiency experience."