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LOXAM to hire out first hydrogen power generator, EODev's GEH2

LOXAM group, the equipment rental market leader, is continuing to pursue the environmental and energy transition of its equipment fleet towards low emissions by signing a partnership with the French specialist in hydrogen power solutions EODev (Energy Observer Developments). Always on the lookout for innovative powertrain alternatives to all-diesel or petrol, and with its committed environmental approach, LOXAM becomes the first rental company to offer this principle of zero emission temporary electricity generation offering a capacity of 100 kVA, with the new hydrogen power generator EODev–GEH2®.

A new stage of progress through experimentation

As a responsible rental company, at the heart of a use sharing economy, LOXAM is continuing along its ecology transition pathway by investing in more environmentally friendly equipment, and sharing its experience and expertise in terms of usage with EODev around the new hydrogen power generator EODev–GEH2.

"LOXAM is committed to the energy transition and to investing in alternative powertrains to 100% diesel or petrol. We are always looking for innovation partners to offer our clients equipment that does not emit greenhouse gases at point of use. It was therefore quite a natural choice for us to turn to EODev to invest in hydrogen technology and contribute to the development of this channel," explains Alice Hénault, Group Strategy & Development Director.

"At EODev, our strong belief is that innovation will only be meaningful if it is a shared and made accessible to the widest possible audience. In this respect, the commitment of a rental company of this size is key to help develop the use cases of hydrogen and demonstrate the maturity of this technology. We are very pleased to offer LOXAM, a French company and European leader, our expertise through this hydrogen power generator solution which will support its clients in all sectors in the construction of a zero carbon society," says Jérémie Lagarrigue, CEO of EODev.

An innovative and pollution-free machine

Following more than a year of tests leading to the award of certifications, the EODev hydrogen power generator GEH2 can produce energy immediately next to where it is needed, without pollution, CO2 emissions or particulate matter, and waste-free.

The combined use of a fuel cell and a lithium-ion iron phosphate battery helps to substantially reduce noise emissions and offers instant start-up. This power combination enables the EODev–GEH2 generator to deliver almost 80 kW of electricity, while its double hydrogen adduction allows it to operate continuously.

Depending on power requirements, connecting units can enable several GEH2 to be stacked together, but they can also be associated with conventional power generators (diesel, gas, etc.) and to the power grid to generate electricity in "peak shaving" mode while also reducing CO2emissions.

With its easy handling and manoeuvrability, the EODev–GEH2 generator was developed in the aim of easily fitting in to all environments and operating sectors.

It is fitted with sockets for event organisation at standardised power frequencies and voltages (230V / 400V – 50Hz & 60Hz) together with remote supervision and data acquisition.

Thanks to this partnership and the investment in this new GEH2 power generator from EODev, LOXAM reinforces its offering in terms of temporary power generation and supports its clients in their environmental approach.

"As a leader on our market, we are pleased to be signing this promising partnership with EODev, which enables us to provide an innovative response as an alternative to diesel powered generators," adds Nabil El Khedri, General Secretary of the LOXAM group.