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World first: Genpower parallelizes three EODev GEH2® generators

Undertaken in the Netherlands for the first time ever, three 110kVA GEH2® hydrogen power generators were set up in parallel by EODev's distributor Genpower to supply up to 265 kVA of zero-emission electricity continuously and recharge all the electric equipment installed on an important construction site. Additionally, the GEH2® units were deployed to recharge a 500kWh battery pack to be used to store energy and manage peaks, enabling a maximum power output of up to 475 kVA.

The nitrogen impasse

Initiated by TenneT TSO, the local power grid operator, in collaboration with construction company A.Hak, this significant zero-emission project aimed to install high voltage cables from the Woensdrecht electricity station to Bergen op Zoom, thereby strengthening the electricity grid in the region. With this pilot project, TenneT has taken an important step in making its construction projects more sustainable, while also addressing the need to preserve areas that are important natural sites.

Due to the proximity of Bergen op Zoom to a Natura 2000 site, like many regions in the Netherlands, TenneT had to find solutions to navigate the challenge of 'nitrogen impasse', i.e. the fact that they will not be allowed to use standard diesel gensets locally, as they emit NOx emissions. Consequently, TenneT had to devise alternative solutions to ensure uninterrupted progress on the project.

In Bergem op Zoom, TenneT decided to take an additional step towards achieving a higher power supply by testing a solution using green hydrogen to power EODev's GEH2®. The set-up, executed by Genpower, enabled three GEH2® to operate simultaneously in combination with a battery pack to provide power to the construction site, with a total of 840kg of hydrogen stored onsite to meet the needs of this large-scale project.

Paving the way forward

As TenneT wants to carry out projects in most sustainabe and environment friendly manner as possible, CEO Manon van Beek signed the 'Clean and Emission-free Construction' covenant. This agreement is about making TenneT's construction projects more sustainable, and this can be done using emission-free equipment such as electric drilling powered by hydrogen powered generators. The pilot project in Bergen op Zoom contributes to the learning process about zero and low-emission construction practices, employing a range of solutions that are adapted to various project scales.

Frank Wester, Director of Operations at TenneT was delighted with the end result: “The fact we've used green hydrogen for this drilling emphasizes TenneT's ambition to reduce the environmental impact of its construction projects as much as possible.” Richard van Beers, Electron business unit director at A.Hak, was equally enthusiastic: “At A.Hak we are always looking for innovative ways to create sustainable connections. It is important to have as little impact on the environment as possible. With this pilot project we are taking an important step in that direction.”

Modularity & scalability

On EODev's side, the scalability of the use of GEH2® power generators has once again been successfully put to test. After few pilot testing using two units in parallel to demonstrate the modularity of our GEH2® hydrogen generators, this first significant project using three units simultaneously in ‘real life conditions’ has not only confirmed its feasibility, but also showcase the flexibility in setting up multiple units. This flexibility allows any construction site to scale its project without worrying about limited power access, while using data mining to anticipate future requirements for upcoming projects.

This evolution, and EODev's ability to respond to growing needs for clean, zero-emission high power supply, is also what drove the company to develop larger-scale power generators in containerized version. This approach allows EODev to address higher power requirements, whilst ensuring the ability to combine various modules as efficiently as possible.