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Energy autonomy for a remote island resort

Energy autonomy for a remote island resort content

How to get power when not connected to "the grid" ?

The answer: simply use electro-hydrogen groups ... Until now the supply of energy to isolated sites "off the grid" was ensured by generators running on diesel: noisy, smelly and quite simply harmful. From now on, it is possible to avoid these constraints, even in the most remote areas of the world, by considering the use of the GEH2; what a luxury "resort" with an "experiential" objective has just done, somewhere on a paradise island, by deciding to do without diesel. Here are some explanations.

Thanks to the studies carried out by our Energy Designer office, a remarkable site will acquire an energy package combining the use of photovoltaic panels with a high-capacity electrolyzer, and thus produce enough green hydrogen on site to compensate for the intermittences of solar energy by storing the surplus electricity produced in two complementary solutions: on the one hand, reserves of large quantities of hydrogen, and on the other, batteries disseminated at electricity distribution points - thus creating its own "grid".

Islands are often poorly served by the electricity network, or are subject to numerous outages because they are undersized, or even the price of "network" electricity is prohibitive because the infrastructures to produce it as well as to distribute it are more expensive and / or complex to install.

The advantages of switching to a decarbonate solution based on a mix between the use of renewable energies and hydrogen + battery storage are undeniable, as the comparative table below illustrates.

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