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Supporting the development of EV mobility

Supporting the development of EV mobility content

The market of BEV and PHEV is growing exponentially, driven by a desire for sustainable transportation, government subsidies, tax rebates and a larger offer from car manufacturer — not to mention the constant increase in the price of fossil fuels in a global context that remains uncertain. However, the network of public EV charging infrastructures is still insufficient and in many places the grid is not powerful enough to receive them.

Stationary power generation for mobility thus represents a new application for fuel cells. Whilst their use is growing significantly in the mobility sector, EODev has worked with our industrial partner Toyota to widen the scope and incorporate their PEM Fuel Cell in gensets. The GEH2® can therefore be used both as a backup power source in case of grid failure, but also as a primary source when the grid is insufficient or non-existent. EODev's GEH2 can power the charging of up to 8 electric vehicles with standard 7kW chargers.

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