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Zero Emission Micro-grids with EODev GEH2® generators

Zero Emission Micro-grids with EODev GEH2® generators content

Undertaken first in the Netherlands in January 2024, three 110kVA GEH2® hydrogen power generators can be set up in parallel to supply up to 265 kVA of zero-emission electricity continuously and recharge all the electric equipment installed on construction sites. The GEH2® units can also be deployed to recharge Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) used to store energy and manage peaks.

A case in point: the Nitrogen impasse

The initial project resulted from the installation of a drilling rig required to implement a high-voltage cable linking the Woensdrecht power station to Bergen op Zoom in the Netherlands, the objective being the strengthening of the region's power grid. Due to the proximity of Bergen op Zoom to a Natura 2000 site, like many regions in the Netherlands, TenneT TSO, the local power grid operator, had to find solutions to navigate the challenge of the 'nitrogen impasse', i.e. the fact that they will were not allowed to use standard diesel gensets that generate NOx emissions. Consequently, TenneT had to devise alternative solutions to ensure uninterrupted progress on the project.

After a few pilot projects using two GEH2® units in parallel to demonstrate the modularity of our GEH2® power generators, this project used three units simultaneously in ‘real life conditions’. Working in collaboration with construction company A.Hak, TenneT also decided to take an additional step towards achieving a higher power supply by testing a solution using green hydrogen to power EODev's GEH2® and combine them with a Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS). The set-up, executed by EODev's distributor Genpower, thus enabled three GEH2® to operate simultaneously in combination with a 250 kVA battery pack to provide power to the construction site, with a total of 840kg of hydrogen needed to meet the needs of this large-scale project.

The technical solution

Equipment : 3 parallelized Generators GEH2® + BESS 250 kVA.

Maximum power output of up to 494 kVA.

Quantity of hydrogen : 3 x Green H2 trailers.

Each H2 trailer had 280 kg of green H2 at 200 bars.

Energy delivered : 2.4 MWh/day.

Around 7 days of autonomy with the trailers.

Peak Power demand : 330 kW

The setup was able to handle the installation loads, peaks and also provided a Zero Emissions solution to avoid disruptions to the high voltage cable installation. It also provided additional environmental benefits, with 12 tons of CO2 emissions avoided, no noise, and of course no NOx.

This installation has demonstrated, once again, the flexibility and modularity of EODev solutions to allow for any construction site to stop worrying about limited power access and get their projects up and running efficiently — and cleanly. The range of solutions is adapted to various project scales, using emission-free equipment such as electric machinery powered by hydrogen powered generators, while data mining can help anticipate future requirements for upcoming projects.

The video presentation explaining the entire project can be viewed here below, and EODev teams remain at your disposal to provide you with further details or work on your own case study.

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