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ACCIONA successfully runs EODev GEH2® for off grid power supply

GEH2 Acciona Seville 1

End April, Spanish construction company ACCIONA installed EODev's first 100kVA GEH2® in Spain, near Sevilla, to power the site shelters of a major bridge extension construction project in an area of the Andalusian countryside, where there is no electricity supply from the grid. Following one month of intensive testing, ACCIONA is delighted to confirm the use of the GEH2® at this site for another six months.

A major Spanish player for large construction projects with sales of €11.2 billion in 2022 and business presence in more than 40 countries, ACCIONA is strongly involved in the development and implementation of renewable energy solutions and applies the same principles for its own operations by aiming for the lowest possible carbon footprint.

Decarbonizing construction sites

Using solutions such as EODev's GEH2® to replace diesel generators that, unfortunately, remain to this day the standard power supply solution on most construction sites, is both a pioneering approach and a demonstration that environmentally-friendly alternatives are already available, and reliable.

Operating off grid, the GEH2® installed by ACCIONA brings up to 100kVA low carbon zero emission electricity to the construction site shelters throughout the day, and also powers heavy duty water pumps. Over the first few months of this initiative, it has run without a glitch on a daily basis in the harsh, hot and dry environment of Andalusia, with temperatures rising up to 40°C. Throughout the six months of operation, the GEH2® will make it possible to save over 24 tons of CO2 emissions and avoid the use of 8,000 liters of diesel, always in near silence and without emission of particulate matter either.

Following these first months of the use of the GEH2® for this sensitive project, ACCIONA acknowledged that EODev's GEH2® is proving perfect for the needs identified on this construction site. In addition, the fact that all technical data is gathered remotely and can be analyzed to optimize usage helps operators to be more efficient, so as to avoid oversizing power generation needs.

Accelerating the energy transition

Stéphane Jardin, EODev's Commercial Director, is delighted: "We've made practical test runs with the GEH2® in deserts before, both cold and hot, but so far it was for a limited time, mainly for events or showcases. Running it almost every day and continuously in Andalusia made it clear that we can possibly replace diesel generators for prime off grid power almost anywhere in the world. And we won't have mechanical failures like diesel gensets do! We are also grateful and wish to thank ACCIONA for their enthusiasm and confidence."

This first full-scale operational test run for EODev in Spain follows the numerous off grid prime power supply applications at construction sites already operating with the 100 kVA GEH2® power generator in France, in Australia and the USA. It also opens the path for the future installation of high-power versions of the GEH2® under development for industrial release in 2025, which are based on the same proven architecture as the current 100kVA units.

With over 100 GEH2® already delivered, and many more ordered by a growing range of distributors and power supply equipment rental companies worldwide, EODev confirms its leadership in this market sector, with the GEH2® making its mark for temporary prime power supply on construction sites and event related applications.