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EODev & EVE System : for smart and sustainable solutions

EODev announces that it has acquired a stake in EVE System, which will enable the two companies to accelerate the deployment of zero-emission solutions in the context of the European "Green Deal".

EODev and EVE System had previously collaborated on two of EODev's flagship products: the GEH2® electro-hydrogen power generator for land applications, and the REXH2® range extender inteded for the maritime sector, whose first demonstrations successfully took place in September 2020.

If EODev thus reinforces its ambition to become a leading player in the industrial developments linked to the energy transition, EVE System benefits from this long-term strategic and technological link-up to strengthen its development in the combination of decarbonated electrical and hydrogen systems.

Eve System, 20 years of expertise in the design and integration of on-board intelligence and battery systems

EVE System started its activity in the automotive industry and quickly expanded to other sectors of activity including urban mobility, industry and the workboat sector. Expert in the design and integration of on-board intelligence, electric and hybrid propulsion systems architectures, its customers include European manufacturers such as Fiat, Michelin, and the CEA.

Franck Albin and Frédéric Ménière, its founders, launched themselves in the early 2000s near Lyon. They were not yet 30 when they decided to set up their "start-up", at a time when the first Prius, leaving the Toyota workshops in 1997, looked a bit like an alien vehicle, and everything remained to be developed in the field of electric propulsion.

Certified ISO 9001 since 2012, EVE System deploys today its know-how in electronics, electrical engineering, computer science and motorization to manufacture battery systems and on-board electronic devices, fully tested in its workshops. Its integrated design office composes tailor-made solutions to meet the electrification and hybridization needs of its customers, as well as specific functions in an existing embedded intelligence architecture.

“EVE System's DNA is to promote carbon-free, safe, reliable and efficient electric and hybrid propulsion solutions. For 20 years, we have acted in confidence with our customers for the energy transition: to reduce energy needs, use clean energy and eco-design. Today, this approach resonates more than ever, the market is structured and the next 10 years will be exciting thanks to the tremendous development of battery factories in the world - and I hopes very quickly in Europe -, in the mastery of battery recycling channels and in the future development of the Hydrogen sector in which EODev is a major player.”

Frédéric Ménière, President of EVE System.

Meeting the Growing Demand for Sustainable Energy Systems

While it may seem surprising that a 20-month-old start-up invests in a 20-year-old company, this participation is in fact logical given the complementarity of the expertise of the two entities, their values and a common vision.

EODev has, amongst other things, found in EVE System the ideal and robust partner to develop the EPMS (Energy Power Management System) control software required for the deployment of its hydrogen solutions; and EVE System strengthens with EODev its skills in the combination of electrical systems / hydrogen systems, especially in the field of ground applications.

Above all, EODev's investment will allow EVE System to accelerate its development, especially beyond France, as an extension of EODev's mission, a supplier and incubator of solutions for the energy transition. It also opens up the possibility of cross-business strategies for both companies.

“We are building our industrial ecosystem piece by piece thanks to the confidence of our shareholders, and by sealing new partnerships based on industrial excellence and a foundation of shared values to develop reliable, sustainable and accessible solutions that meet the challenges of the energy transition.”

Jérémie Lagarrigue, CEO, EODev.