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EODev joins HYNOVA Yachts to launch the HYNOVA 40 Sea Show

HYNOVA and its partners, including EODev, present the HYNOVA 40 during the Sea Show, a real road trip at sea which began in Marseille on May 26 and 27, and will end on July 10 in Monaco after visiting Cassis, La Ciotat, Toulon, Porquerolles, St Tropez, Cannes and Nice. HYNOVA will bring to light associations sharing the same eco-responsible values, and environmental awareness workshops and the discovery of zero emissions navigation are also part of the program.

HYNOVA 40: a new approach to boating

Eco-designed and manufactured in France, the HYNOVA 40 is a silent 12-meter zero-emission craft designed by the French Chloé ZAIED, founder and president of HYNOVA Yachts but also a professional skipper. With a capacity of 12 passengers, HYNOVA 40 is the first pleasure boat equipped with EODev's REXH2®. Used as a day-boat or superyacht chaseboat, the HYNOVA 40 has an autonomy of 8 hours at a speed of 12 knots (it can reach a max speed of 26 knots), and recharges in 20 minutes once back at the port.

The REXH2®, clean high tech made in France

The REXH2® (Range Extender Hydrogen) is an on-board power generator running exclusively on hydrogen, for propulsion and / or hotel load onboard clean and silent boats, adaptable and tailor-made according to the use profile and configuration of the vessels. With a footprint of barely one cubic meter and a weight of 400 kilos, the REXH2® comes equipped with the latest generation of Toyota fuel cell and is today, in relation to the power delivered, the most compact and efficient range extender on the market.

The R&D carried out by the EODev teams has made it possible to adapt perfectly to the extreme conditions of the marine environment, to reach powers of 70 kW per unit, up to 1 MW when the modules are stacked. It is this flexibility in the implementation that makes the REXH2® the ideal vector for tailor-made hydrogen solutions for propulsion and the supply of carbon-free energy at sea. It can thus be fitted into all types of boats, from cargo vessels to passenger shuttles to barges through professional boats and small and large pleasure vessels.

Compared to petrol or diesel, the REXH2® provides an obvious environmental benefit since it only releases water. There is therefore no release of pollutants into the atmosphere or into the water (CO2, NOx, greenhouse gases, unburnt hydrocarbons, and so on). The REXH2® does not make much noise, pollution that is known to be especially damaging for marine species and their communication.