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Groupe Monnoyeur, the new industrial partner of EODev

EODev and the Monnoyeur Group, through its subsidiary Eneria, have signed a partnership agreement for the industrialization by Eneria of the hydrogen power generator GEH2 developed by EODev. To discover EODev's GEH2 in operation, visit Eneria's site in Montlhéry (91310) between September 15 and 18, 2020.

Eneria, a Strategic Industrial Partnership

Specialized in the design, installation, and maintenance of turnkey power generation solutions, Eneria will bring to EODev its expertise and know-how in the field of solution packaging.

The industrial partnership between EODev and Eneria will accelerate the industrialization, deployment, and after-sales service management of the GEH2 generators.

For Eneria, this development is part of a broader ambition: providing real solutions to both energy and environmental challenges, commensurate with the issues reminded by the government in the context of the green recovery plan.

For Jérémie Lagarrigue, CEO of EODev: "The whole team did a great job, not only in designing this generator, but also in bringing all the partners together to take up this challenge. The GEH2 is the answer to tomorrow's energy needs, paving the way for the supply of totally decarbonized energy, in harmony with nature. We are proud and happy to be able to rely on strong partnerships, such as the one we have sealed with Eneria, to accelerate the energy transition."

For Heric Blain, CEO of Eneria: "We are very proud to participate in the adventure and the development of the hydrogen power generator GEH2 with EODev's teams. This is a major partnership that will allow us to mobilize our management, with its historic know-how in packaging innovative energy solutions, and our technical resources such as our workshops and test beds to industrialize the GEH2."

An Eco High Tech Innovation

Designed to provide any energy ecosystem with instantaneous electricity, the GEH2 offers a noiseless solution with no CO2 nor fine particles emissions, for a power ranging from 100kVA to 2MVA.

After months of development and intensive testing in real conditions of use, the GEH2 generator developed by EODev and designed around Toyota's latest generation fuel cell is, with its record energy density, a modular solution allowing to get, now, a hydrogen power generator at an affordable cost.

Each GEH2 has a Prime Running Power of 100kVA and an Emergency Stand-by Power of 110kVA for one hour, with an output voltage of 230/400V at 50Hz. Thanks to its double H2 adduction, the GEH2 operates continuously, as you can switch to the second supply circuit while in operation thus allowing the hydrogen cylinder to be replaced without interrupting electricity production. Finally, no minimum operating power is required.

The GEH2 offers many advantages over equivalent diesel units. Indeed, in addition to its low noise pollution and the total absence of CO2 and fine particle emissions, its compact design allows 4 stackable units to be transported in 20-foot containers and to be easily moved by forklift trucks.

With its IP43 ingress protection and its integrated 230V plug for frost protection, it can operate in almost every corner of the world, from -5°C to +45°C. Its instant start allows to get full power immediately, and its "time 0" response make it independent of the UPS; all these features being integrated with its cooling circuit and fan.

Connected and monitored, the GEH2 can be controlled remotely with an optional remote interface. Running exclusively on hydrogen and its fuel cell having no moving parts, usually contributing to engine wear and clogging (in traditional generators), the GEH2 has a much longer life span than diesel generating sets thanks also to its design and the predictive maintenance that will be provided by EODev's teams.

Eco-designed, the GEH2 includes an aluminum frame, easily recyclable, and an outer casing made of sustainably produced bamboo fibers, both resistant and natural.

A Solution that can be Adapted to all Uses

With its Plug & Play solution, the GEH2 is easy to use. Designed to meet environmental challenges without sacrificing efficiency, it is suitable for all sites seeking or needing energy autonomy, both as a back-up solution, particularly for sensitive sites such as hospitals, airports, or data centers - or as the main energy source in isolated (scientific bases, islands, refuges, relay antennas...) or confined sites (tunnels, mines...). It can also be used to provide additional power for construction sites or events (concerts, sporting events, trade shows, etc.) or to access protected and regulated zero-emission zones. The management of the entire system is ensured by an automated Power Management System specifically developed by EODev, which calculates the remaining autonomy according to the usage profile.