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LOXAM electrifies a construction site in Paris with the GEH2

From November 22 to 25, 2021, French equipment rental company LOXAM called on EODev for the supply of a GEH2 100KVA electro-hydrogen generator, for service on a Vinci Constructions site. A pioneering first project and a 100% carbon-free electricity supply for a result beyond expectations: the final carbon footprint was reduced by 75% and the noise pollution of the site divided by eight.

Zero emission construction sites are possible

EODev provided LOXAM with one of its demonstration GEH2 for the duration of the experience, the rental company awaiting the delivery of its first GEH2 produced in series on the EODev assembly line in Monthléry for the start of the year 2022.

Coupled with a 44kWh buffer battery to manage peak power demands, the fuel cell that equips the GEH2 powered all the equipment during the 33 hours of work on site, at 60kW continuously (100KVA). To provide all the energy needed, hydrogen tanks of renewable origin were connected to the GEH2, the final consumption amounting to 120 kg of hydrogen, stored in standardized 200 bar tanks mounted on frames.

This "zero emissions construction site" experience was also a resounding success in the surrounding areas: in addition to the absence of CO2, NOx and fine particle emissions, nauseous and polluting black smoke, the 65dB of noise emissions were appreciated by local residents, against to the 90dB emitted by conventional diesel generators. An important point, in an activity that we already know is extremely noisy.

EODev's GEH2 has therefore once again proven to be particularly efficient for this type of off-grid use. The advantages of the GEH2 for the construction sector, as well as its reputation for reliability, had already convinced LOXAM of the relevance of the EODev power generator to envisage the milestone of the energy transition for equipment offered for rental. Its testing by Vinci Constructions during this first zero-emission project in the heart of the capital city allowed the relevant of the GEH2® to be demonstrated in real conditions of use, and to confirm all the benefits that customers may think of. As Cédric Conrad, Deputy CSR Manager at LOXAM, pointed out, “This project was really important for us since it made it possible to deploy the new-generation project concept. Today, EODev's stationary solution has been deployed on a construction site, but it can very well be adapted to all types of use for our customers; as needed for events, but also in the industrial environment where the reduction of emissions is key. »

Anthony Vernizeau, Key Account Manager at EODev, was delighted with the experience: “Of course, we had no doubt about the performance and reliability of the GEH2; but it's always better to demonstrate it in real conditions. Above all, when some opponents speak of dangerousness without knowing anything about it, we have once again proven that the topic is perfectly controlled, secure, in the heart of Paris, with passers-by, bicycles, cars, circulating around the worksite. »