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EODev takes part in Energy Observer's "Positive Energies Summit"

EODev Avoriaz Village View

The Energy Observer Foundation traveling exhibition village has just closed its doors in the Avoriaz ski resort, a pioneer in alpine ecology, for a large-scale event entitled "On top of positive energies", to raise awareness on ecological concerns, between February 4 and 24, 2023. EODev took part in the event with its GEH2® electro-hydrogen unit in operation on site, as it supplied the educational exhibition with low-carbon electricity for a new demonstration of the performance of our generator without direct emissions, up in the mountains.

The Savoie village of Morzine Avoriaz wanted to take advantage of the French school holiday period to highlight the potential of ecologically neutral technologies and participate in the competition on the fight against global warming, a subject that is close to its heart, in the context of the decrease in winter snowfall. This desire resulted in the installation of an entire electro-hydrogen ecosystem nestled around the village of the Energy Observer Foundation, a witness of the fight led with the presentation of existing solutions, at an altitude of 1800m.

EODev Avoriaz Village View

Raising awareness for close to 5,000 visitors

This initiative made it possible to unveil a whole range of low-carbon products to the many holidaymakers who paid a visit the free exhibition, with a particular focus on mobility — a crucial point when you know that more than 50% of carbon emissions linked to winter sports come from the means of transportation used to get to the resort. Local companies and French and international industrialists thus exhibited their mobility solutions and applications to offer a concrete, optimistic and innovative perspective in the face of this major challenge of our times, with the presence of a mobile hydrogen charging station developed by HRS, a Toyota Mirai sedan, Hyvia's hydrogen van, a Toyota Caetano bus, MEP74 electric snowmobiles, MoonBikes electric snowbikes, and, of course, EODev's GEH2® electro-hydrogen unit. The latter supplied all the installations with electricity without direct emissions and also made the charging of electric vehicles possible.

EODev Avoriaz GEH2

In the end, no less than 60 kg of hydrogen were consumed throughout the three weeks that the event lasted. It proved a great opportunity for many educational discoveries organized for the schools of the district, with conferences and demonstrations for a large audience of more than 5,000 visitors and 400 schoolchildren, and the many regional political leaders who came to familiarize themselves with the benefits of hydrogen or to understand in a concrete way how it works.

EODev Avoriaz School Showcase

For Thierry Kovacs, Deputy Vice-President for the Environment & Positive Ecology, AURA Region, the event was emblematic of the region's desire to be at the forefront on the subject: "Faced with climate emergency in the mountains, it is imperative to reduce GHG emissions dramatically. By mobilizing all of its action plans - Mountain Plan II, Solarization Plan and Regional Strategy for the deployment of hydrogen mobility and industrial hydrogen, the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Region intends to show the example and pave the way for a positive and economically sustainable ecology in mountain areas, alongside all the sectors and actors in its territories.”

Once again, showing that it is possible to organize such events without impacting the planet — the emission-free electricity provided by the GEH2® will have saved the release of almost 2 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. — EODev proves that a reliable and efficient alternative to diesel generators is possible, in all latitudes, at all altitudes.

The message from Jérémie Lagarrigue, EODev's CEO, is crystal clear: “We design and manufacture clean and silent hydrogen electric power generators with the aim of replacing diesel gensets in all their applications. From construction sites to major events, for support to the grid and EV charging, our electro-hydrogen power generators are also relevant in an environment such as the mountains where the electricity supply network is often less dense and the risk of default is higher. This is why it was important for us to take part in the Positive Energies Summit in Avoriaz to also contribute, at our level, to the preservation of this ecosystem for future generations”.

EODev Avoriaz Hydrogen Racks

For the democratization of hydrogen uses

The same goes for the other partners of the event, as witnessed by Julien Etienne, Commercial Director at HYVIA, the joint venture between Renault Group and Plug: "We were proud to exhibit our hydrogen van in Morzine-Avoriaz, located in the heart of the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Region, which notably pilots the first European Zero Emission Valley project”. Ditto for Cédric Borremans, Director of the Olympic and Paralympic Division, Toyota Motor Europe, who presented both his Mirai sedan and his Caetano hydrogen bus: “For us, hydrogen technology plays a central role in the transition towards a carbon-free society. But this commitment is not only claimed through the Mirai. It is also for other vehicles such as buses, trains, boats, planes — and power generators.”

EODev Avoriaz Toyota Hydrogen Bus

After many stages around the world, from San Francisco to Singapore, the Energy Observer Foundation village, which was recently acclaimed at the start of the Route du Rhum last October in Saint Malo, continues to try and democratize the use of hydrogen. You can watch the full story of this stopover in the Avoriaz ski resort through two documentaries on its YouTube channel : one on energy sobriety solutions, and with its exhibition logbook.

Across the world, the Energy Observer vessel, the very first energy self-sufficient ship to circumnavigate the world but also the first to have integrated EODev's REXH2® on-board power generator, is currently on a technical stopover in the Seychelles after traveling more than 50,000 nautical miles. See the Energy Observer website to follow its adventures, and that of the Energy Observer Foundation to meet the actors of decarbonization in France and in around the world.

EODev Avoriaz GEH2 Skier